Satelite Well

Definition - What does Satelite Well mean?

A Satellite Well is an offshore well drilled in the same oilfield as the other primary wells but separate from them. It is less interfered with and is connected to the other wells via a series of pipelines and tiebacks which are laid at the seafloor. The well is similar to an ordinary oil well, however, it is mainly drilled at remote locations, i.e., separate from the main group of wells.

Petropedia explains Satelite Well

Satellite wells are often developed in offshore locations; however, there are wells which are developed on onshore locations and are less interfered by human interventions, i.e., remote satellite wells.

In offshore locations, a satellite well is drilled with the help of a mobile offshore drilling unit and it produces hydrocarbons from the outskirts of an oil reservoir that cannot be produced by the primary oil wells. All the primary wells as well as the satellite wells are interconnected either via pipelines or via tiebacks that so as to collect the crude oil produced from the various well locations in an oilfield and store it at a single storage point.

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