Calorific Value

Definition - What does Calorific Value mean?

Calorific Value can is the amount of heat energy released or enthalpy of a fuel when one unit weight or one unit of volume of fuel is burnt completely with 100% combustion under standard operating conditions. The heat energy is dissipated when the hydrocarbon is burnt completely in presence of oxygen to form carbon dioxide, heat and water.

Petropedia explains Calorific Value

The Calorific Value of any fuel or food is measured in energy per unit and is expressed in kilo joules per kg (kJ/kg) or kilo joules per mol (kJ/mol) or kilo calorie per kg (kcal/kg) or British thermal units per pound (BTU/lb). The Calorific Value of any substance can be determined by an instrument known as Bomb Calorimeter. The units of Calorific Value can be converted from one SI unit to another by using the following chart.

Kcal/kg = MJ/kg x 238.846

BTU/lb = kJ/kg x 2.3238

BTU/lb = kcal/kg x 1.8

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