Glycol Distearate

Definition - What does Glycol Distearate mean?

Glycol Distearate is a chemical element that has a colored waxy solid that is a diester of stearic acid and ethylene glycol. It is one of the prime components in diverse skin and nail care products. It was originally derived from vegetable sources such as canola oil and bean oil. Moreover, it is also produced artificially by processing stearic acid that occurs naturally. In ancient times, it was used as herbal remedies to treat the skin, but nowadays it is used for personal hair care and skin care.

Petropedia explains Glycol Distearate

Glycol Distearate consists of diesters and is used in diverse cosmetic products including bubble baths and make-up. It is considered as a skin conditioning agent and viscosity increasing agent. The compound is generally used as a skin conditioner and a product which maintains the thickness of variant skin and hair products. Shampoo is one of the examples which contain Glycol Distearate in high concentrations as it helps the shampoo to remain thick and in gluggy shape. According to a research, it is neither toxic nor bio-accumulative in nature. To protect the compound from moisture, it is packed in tight containers which are sealed to preserve for future use.

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