Conversion of Units

Definition - What does Conversion of Units mean?

Conversion of Units is a multi-step process that converts units of measurement for the same quantity. It includes division or multiplication by a numerical factor or rounding off the significant digits. These are important because the units are used in various places such as the commercial marketplace, technical documents, temperature, and for other specifications. A common conversion table states the length, volume, mass, and area. The units are expressed by using scientific notation and converted into numerical values as per the quantities.

Petropedia explains Conversion of Units

Conversion of Units is done according to the international standard of measurements. The pre-defined unit conversion tables and algorithms are available that make the conversion easy and convenient. Some common examples are:

  • Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Converting ounces to kilograms

The prime purpose of conversion relies on the specific situation. Some factors on which it may depend on are:

  • The number of significant figures.
  • The intended use of numbers which are used for measurement in engineering tolerances.

It is subdivided into two parts, i.e., soft conversion and hard conversion. The soft conversion needs to precise whereas hard conversion may not be exactly equivalent.

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