Rugged Individualism

Definition - What does Rugged Individualism mean?

Rugged Individualism is a famous phrase of Mr. Herbert Hoover as the President of United States which states that each individual citizen of the United States should be able to know his/her requirements and help themselves in order to achieve them. The government should not involve itself in the economic life of people, nor should it get involve in national economics.

Petropedia explains Rugged Individualism

Rugged Individualism philosophy is often linked with “Up By The Boot Straps” or “Social Darwinism” philosophy. The idea of Rugged Individualism came into force when the United States was administering Great Depression. At that time, it was decided that people of America should look forward for their requirements and help themselves out to achieve them but in humanitarian way. The federal government would not interfere with the American people during the times of Depression. Great Depression began when the stock market crashed drastically in 1929 leaving the economy thrashed. However, Hooper with his Rugged Individualism policy always insisted that the market would be great when government interventions are at minimum in the American Economy.

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