Natural Gas Inventory

Definition - What does Natural Gas Inventory mean?

Natural Gas Inventory is the stock of natural gas available at national and regional levels. There is a weekly update on the stock or the inventory of natural gas so as to balance the production and consumption patterns. Inventories are useful in the time of scarcity when, due to some external reasons, the exploration or production activities come to a halt.

Petropedia explains Natural Gas Inventory

Energy Information Administration (EIA) monitors the natural gas inventories (the amount of gas left after consumption) and keeps the industries updated with the information. The reports are circulated to the ministries for updating them in regard to the critical stock. Generally, every Thursday the reports are filed and gas inventories are updated. The reports reflect the injection and withdrawal of the natural gas. There is natural gas storage indicator created for this purpose. Working gas is available for the marketplace. The working gas is the volume that is above the base gas in a reservoir.

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