Engineering Geology

Definition - What does Engineering Geology mean?

Engineering Geology is the application of geosciences to engineering studies. It deals with the fields of earth science and engineering, particularly geotechnical and geological engineering. An individual who undergoes education in this field is known as an Engineering Geologist and he or she provides recommendations on geological and geotechnical aspects such as location, design, manufacturing, and O&M of engineering works.

Petropedia explains Engineering Geology

Engineering Geology is very much related to Environmental Geology. It is a multi disciplinary science field. Engineering Geology studies can be performed during:

  • The planning of an engineering project
  • The study of impact on environment by any engineering project (old or new)
  • Any civil or structural design process
  • The beginning of an engineering and construction work for a given project

Some of the work performed by Engineering Geologists includes:

  • Hazard assessments to the geological properties and environment
  • Study of material properties
  • Landslide and slope stability, floods, soil erosion
  • Seismic investigations
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