Chemical Elements

Definition - What does Chemical Elements mean?

Chemical Elements, also known as elements, are the chemical substances that consist of atoms which have same number of protons in their atomic nuclei. The number of atoms or protons in an element represents the atomic number of that element. Out of 118 elements that are identified only 94 elements exists naturally on Earth while the other 24 elements are synthetic elements.

Petropedia explains Chemical Elements

All the Chemical Elements that are identified are listed in the modern periodic table or simply the periodic table. Out of 118 Chemical Elements, a total of 80 Chemical Elements have at least one stable isotope whereas the remaining Chemical Elements (38 elements) have radioactive isotopes which decay with time and lead to the formation of other elements. The most common Chemical Element in the earth's crust is Oxygen and the most abundant Chemical Element found on earth is Iron. Chemical Elements make up approximately 15% of the matter in the universe.

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