Definition - What does Pycnometer mean?

Pycnometer is a laboratory tool that is used to measure the properties of substances. The tool is made of glass that has a close fitting glass stopper along with a capillary tube. The Capillary tube allows air to pass through the apparatus. The main purpose of a Pycnometer is to measure the density of liquids precisely. However, the device can also be used to calculate the particle density of powder.

Petropedia explains Pycnometer

Pycnometer is often introduced with a thermometer to indicate the temperature of a substance.It can also detect the direct percentage readings of alcohol and sugar. It uses standard measurements that calculate the volume displacement of the liquid and assess the porous nature of the substances. The device is useful and used in various industries and schools as it calculates the results in a matter of minutes. Its speed and accuracy benefit the reporting time and productivity of the users. There are a number of pycnometer bottles and they are distinguished by the materials and sizes of their chambers.

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