Manufacturing Process

Definition - What does Manufacturing Process mean?

Manufacturing Process is a series of steps by which raw materials are converted into final products. It commonly applies to man-machine setup with the distribution of labor in large-scale production. The process initiates with the formation of materials from which the designs are made. The materials are then altered through the Manufacturing Process so as to get the required part. The process can include reshaping, heat treating, coating or machining the material. It also includes checks and tests for the quality assurance after or during the planning and manufacturing process.

Petropedia explains Manufacturing Process

When different manufacturing methods and processes are considered, it is essential to develop an understanding for a relationship between the properties of finished products and the process used. Every manufactured product is made from some kind of material. The properties of the materials of final manufactured products are of utmost importance. All the manufacturers should be involved in the material selection and they must consider the properties of the materials with regards to the properties of the desired final products. Even when the materials have great properties, there is a possibility that they may not be economically and effectively processed into useful forms.

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