Chemical Engineering

Definition - What does Chemical Engineering mean?

Chemical Engineering is a branch of science enginnering that deals with life sciences, applied mathematics and physical sciences to produce and transport chemicals, energy, or other materials. It requires designing equipment, processes for refining raw materials and mixing chemicals to make viable products. The end products can be used in fuel, food, and drugs. It is a crucial segment of the market as engineers are supposed to work in explosive areas as well, thus special training is provided to them.

Petropedia explains Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering has been practiced since 300 B.C., in handling great Roman road building projects. It transforms substances at very large scale to upgrade the human condition. It also influences many areas of technology that depend on the processing of chemicals and materials. The end products of Chemical Engineering produce energy or useful substances that are used in wide segments of petroleum, electronic and pharmaceutical industries. Moreover, the processes convert oil-based feedstocks to make chemical products that are used in fibers of clothing, fertilizers, and lubricants. It manages the power plant conditions to ensure that plant operations are done optimally.

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