Instrumentation Engineering Technology

Definition - What does Instrumentation Engineering Technology mean?

Instrumentation Engineering Technology is a skill set that provides knowledge about the operations and maintenance procedures of an automated process used in the production of different commodities. The study teaches engineers how to use and install electronic test equipment, maintain and repair electrical instruments, and solve troubleshooting problems. It includes various devices such as control valves, pneumatic devices, digital logic devices, and computer-based process controls and systems. The students who want to do Instrumentation Engineering Technology should have a great interest in science, computers, and mathematics.

Petropedia explains Instrumentation Engineering Technology

Instrumentation Engineering Technology involves several processes of industrial automation. It is one of the nationally accredited programs. The technologists who pursue the program are able to design systems that are used to measure, control, and record industrial process variables. The students acquire the knowledge of reading and designing instrumentation diagrams and creating operator graphics and schematics. The major advantage of the study is the completion of safe plant operations along with high production rates. The specialized engineers can be employed in various industries like the petrochemical, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries.

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