Safety Wire

Definition - What does Safety Wire mean?

Safety Wire is a type of wire that is used to lock and prevent fasteners from falling down or loosening their grip due to forces or any kind of vibrations. It can also be used to provide clear indications whether the fasteners are properly tightened or not. Depending on the application needs, it is available in a multitude of materials and gauges. In most of the applications including aircraft and racing devices, the wire is made up of stainless steel with a 0.81-mm diameter.

Petropedia explains Safety Wire

Any engine or device which has a number of bolts, turnbuckles and nuts uses safety wires to enhance safety. The wire maintains tension and torque to avoid disengagement or movement of nuts, screws, or bolts. Wires that are made up of the malleable alloy can retain their shape after being bent. To work properly, various tools such as safety wire twisters, safety wire pliers, and safety wire tabs are needed . Although they have a number of benefits, safety wires are not reusable; so, once used they should be cut apart to open the fastener easily and conveniently.

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