Revolutions Per Minute

Definition - What does Revolutions Per Minute mean?

Revolutions Per Minute is a measure of frequency of rotations performed by an equipment in one minute. It is a technical term which is associated with any equipment that conducts its operations by performing rotations over a fixed axis. It is a SI unit of rotations and is abbreviated by many other common terms such as rpm/RPM (or rotations per minute) or rev/minute.

Petropedia explains Revolutions Per Minute

Most industrial equipment and tools work on the principle of rotating at high speeds on their fixed axis. This rotational speed is measured in rotations per minute or revolutions per minute. Based on these parameters and other set of distinguished parameters and features, engineers and decision makers understand the suitability of the equipment to perform particular set of task it is meant for.

Some of the examples of equipment used in drilling sector that consists of revolutions per minutes include-:

  • Top drive
  • Drilling mud motor
  • Compressor
  • Reciprocating pumps and motors
  • Downhole motor
  • Internal combustion engine.
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