Rod Bearing

Definition - What does Rod Bearing mean?

A Rod Bearing is a top and bottom two-piece band of smooth metal which supports and holds spinning shafts of an engine in place. In the case of driveshaft rod bearings, for example, the top half of the bearing is a semicircle. The bottom half of the bearing is bolted to the top half once the driveshaft is in place. A pinhole through the top half of the bearing allows for lubrication and this permits the shaft to spin within the bearing without generating excessive heat.

Petropedia explains Rod Bearing

Rod bearings are usually plain bearings as opposed to the normal ball bearings. The crankshaft, connecting rods and bearings are extremely important in every engine build, whether mild or wild, because they convert the reciprocating motion of the pistons into rotational torque. The longer the stroke, the greater the leverage effect and torque output of the engine. A rod bearing is used to hold spinning shafts in place where support is required to keep the rod straight over the course of its run. It also protects the crankshaft and enables it to spin freely in the engine.

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