Acid Gas

Definition - What does Acid Gas mean?

Acid Gas is a classification of natural gas which contains mixtures of impurities in significant quantities making the gas acidic. Acid Gas contains large quantities of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).The use of this gas can cause harmful damages to the costly pipeline infrastructure such as corrosion and ultimately leakage in pipeline.

Petropedia explains Acid Gas

Acid Gas is at times considered to be same as sour gas which is not correct because sour gas only consists of hydrogen sulfide along with natural gas whereas Acid Gas consists of both hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide in large quantities. As Carbon dioxide is very acidic, it provides the acidic nature to natural gas.

Acid Gas is raw gas which needs to be treated first before transportation in the pipelines. Impurities such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, debris, sand, etc., are removed through Amine Gas Treating Process. In this process acidic gas is treated with ethanolamine to make it sweet i.e., remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.

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