Rock Drill

Definition - What does Rock Drill mean?

A Rock Drill is a machine or a device that is specially designed to drill through rocks. This device can be used for certain activities like digging wells, preparing foundations, and mineral exploration. A number of organizations manufacture rock drills, often offering a lineup of several models to meet various needs. Rock drills tend to be expensive and an individual must undergo special training in order to be able operate them.

Petropedia explains Rock Drill

Drilling through rocks is quite challenging because the substrate is very hard and ordinary drills can be damaged quickly. Rock drills feature hard bits made with a material like industrial diamond along with lubrication and cooling systems so as to limit stress caused by friction. The drill can also use an air blower to clear out the drilling hole as the drill penetrates, limiting damage to the drill caused by rock dust and other particulate materials. Rock drills can be attached to drilling rigs for jobs when it's necessary to drill very deeply. They can also be manually controlled by an operator in the form of a pneumatic rock drills with throttles. In both cases, people must wear appropriate eye, ear, and facial protection when working around the drill as these drills are noisy and they create rock dust. Drilling teams and personnel in the area usually wear facial screens and ear plugs to limit injuries associated with the work.

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