Rig Operator

Definition - What does Rig Operator mean?

Rig Operator is a technician who operates the driling or service rigs, manages the team, ensures safety, digs oil from the ground and delivers it to the customer on time. The operators perform power drill rigs to explore the foundations of small structures and canals. Moreover, they are also responsible for making soil surveys and search for construction materials. The Rig Operator should perform all these functions with complete care and attention.

Petropedia explains Rig Operator

The Rig Operators are responsible for handling a large number of operations such as keeping records of drilling operations, keeping an eye on the field performance due to its equipment and assisting workers in carrying out routine core drilling operations with care. The operators must have complete knowledge about various drill rigs tools such as a cylindrical bucket, shaft extensions, hand augers and open blade. The role of the rig operators are:

  • To take care of the safety of the drilling rig facility.
  • To have a healthy relation with the customers and resolve their queries in time.
  • To maintain productivity standards.
  • To establish a positive work environment for the rig crew.
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