Rifle Boring

Definition - What does Rifle Boring mean?

Rifle Boring is a process that is used to make straight and deep holes in different materials. Due to unique and distinct head geometry, the tools utilized in the process are different from conventional twist drill. The procedure is commonly used by Armament manufacturing and other industries like energy, plastic injection molds and oil and gas exploration. A dedicated rifle boring machine can achieve the highest productivity and offer reliability in the operations.

Petropedia explains Rifle Boring

The main purpose of rifle drilling is to drill deep at a diameter ratio of 300:1 or more. The process is useful in many cases such as die making, mold making, and few parts of combustion engine like cylinder head, woodwind musical instruments, and crankcase. It differs from other types of drilling because it is also used for chip removal and coolant entry. During the operation, the coolant is added through a small hole by the tools. The tools available in various sizes and maintain straightness and precision. Moreover, they are available in a broad range of depths and diameters.

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