Rich Amine

Definition - What does Rich Amine mean?

Rich Amine is a solution that has absorbed all the acid gases, i.e., hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) during the amine gas treating process from sour natural gas. Amine is an organic compound that contains a lone pair nitrogen atom. It is derived from ammonia by substituting of one or more hydrogen atoms by an organic group like an alkyl or aryl group.

Petropedia explains Rich Amine

In amine gas treatment process, sour natural gas enters the absorber unit/column from the bottom and being light in weight, the gas rises upward. Inside the column, the lean amine solution is flown in the opposite direction of the flow of gas, i.e., downward. While moving down, the amine solution absorbs hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) from the sour gas, making it sweet gas stream. During the process, this amine solution keep absorbing H2S and CO2 and settles down in the bottom of the column as a rich amine liquid.

In order to use it again as a lean amine solution inside the absorber unit, this rich amine solution is fed into the regenerator unit. The unit acts as a recycler converting rich amine solution into a lean amine solution and the process carries on thereby making a sour natural gas a sweet natural gas.

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