Residue Gas Returned

Definition - What does Residue Gas Returned mean?

Residue Gas Returned is the dry natural gas or pipeline-quality gas that is returned back to the processing terminal. The gas can be returned due to various reasons such as:

  • Excess of supply in the pipeline.
  • Quality issues.
  • End moment teething issues between buyer and seller.
  • If the plant operator increases the BTU content of gas outside the pipeline tolerance limits.

Petropedia explains Residue Gas Returned

Residue gas is the final processed dry quality natural gas that is ready for sale once the sale purchase agreement between the buyer and gas marketing organization is signed. If the gas is transferred in excess quantity than the required amount or it has other issues such as quality issues, moisture presence, etc., the sale purchase agreement for the gas is delayed or cancelled and the gas is returned back to the processing terminal for further processing and quality match-up as per the customer requirement. This complete process is referred to as residue gas return process.

It depends on the processor end to make corrections in this returned batch of gas or else this gas is sent back to the operator who produced it and is either injected back or used for various in-house feedstock fuel for firing up their own mechanical equipment.

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