Research and Special Projects Administration (RSPA)

Definition - What does Research and Special Projects Administration (RSPA) mean?

Research and Special Projects Administration is an agency which was established on October 24, 1992, with the aim of increasing the safety of pipelines and promoting innovative solutions to transportation. The agency governs the packaging of hazardous waste substances by using different modes of transportation. It provides assistance to the state or local authorities while managing the emergencies. Moreover, the agency also operates the Volpe National Transportation Systems in Cambridge.

Petropedia explains Research and Special Projects Administration (RSPA)

Research and Special Projects Administration plays a chief role in ensuring the safety of the public and environment protection when hazardous liquids are transported through a pipeline. The agency is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness related to the transportation functions. The following are some of the advantages of Research and Special Projects Administration:

  • It helps in advancement of transportation research and education activities.
  • It manages emergency response during transportation.
  • It promotes recovery responsibilities.
  • It provides planning and training grants to states to prepare against hazardous materials.

However, the research and development sector plays a major role in accomplishing the goals of RSPA.

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