Definition - What does Remediation mean?

Remediation is the process of removing contaminants like sediments, surface water, and soil from the atmosphere and environment. It is requested by the government to alter the negative impact on human health and the environment. There are many technologies used in Remediation which are categorized as situ and ex-situ methods. The ex-situ methods include excavation of soils and treatment practices at the surface whereas in-situ methods are used to treat the germs or the contaminant issues without the soil.

Petropedia explains Remediation

As there are diverse types of contaminants thus different types of environmental remediation services are available. These services include environmental cleanup, land remediation, brownfield site preparation, and groundwater remediation. The process of Remediation is handled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an agency responsible for governing waste management. Groundwater remediation is one of the most important services that are used to avert any further contamination of underground water supply. These services include various methods such as air stripping, bioremediation and carbon adsorption to eat the contaminants.

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