Reflux Condenser

Definition - What does Reflux Condenser mean?

A Reflux Condenser is a machine that uses a distillation technique known as reflux to liquefy the vapor that returns to its condensate form to the system from which it originated. In this technique, large scale distillation columns as well as fractionators are utilized. Reflux condensers are used in industrial as well as laboratory distillation processes.

Petropedia explains Reflux Condenser

Reflux condensers are mostly applied in large industries, laboratories and beverage distillation processes. The equipment has large distillation columns whereby liquid is converted into vapors which move in an upward direction. The reflux condenser cools the vapors which are converted back into their condensate form and settles down at the bottom of the distillation column. The reflux liquid flows in a downward direction in the distillation columns that provide cooling and condensation of the upward flowing vapors. The liquid then settles at the bottom and is distillated and sent to other units for further processing.

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