Reducing Flange

Definition - What does Reducing Flange mean?

Reducing Flange is a device specially designed to make the pipes fit together when there is a change in the diameter of the pipes. There are different types of flanges such as weld-neck, slip-on, blind, and threaded flanges. These flanges are present in all types of pressure classes and are the best alternatives to connect two different pipes of variable sizes. Various kinds of materials such as brass, cast iron, bronze, and aluminum are used to make flanges.

Petropedia explains Reducing Flange

Reducing Flanges are durable and corrosion resistant in nature. They play a crucial role in connecting larger pipes to smaller ones. The following are some advantages of using a reducing flange:

  • It allows you to connect two different pipe sizes
  • It is an easy and inexpensive method
  • It is used to conserve water
  • It is resistant to acid

With the above mentioned advantages, it is commonly used in power plants and in industrial vessels. However, you must check the changing line size to choose an apt reducing flange that suits your purpose.

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