Redox Potential

Definition - What does Redox Potential mean?

Redox Potential is the tendency of a chemical species to get reduced. Every chemical species has its own intrinsic reduction potential. However, if the potential is more then it indicates the species has a greater affinity for electrons thus can get reduced easily. The potentials can be calculated either in milivolts or volts. The measurement of Redox Potential depends on various factors such as solution temperature, irreversible reactions, pH, and slow electrode kinetics.

Petropedia explains Redox Potential

Redox Potential is used by diverse limnologists or soil scientists to characterize the reduction and oxidation status of the environment. It helps in measuring the petrochemical potential of water, soil and other marine systems. Moreover, it helps in predicting the stability of compounds that regulate the nutrients in the soil. It generally depends on the affinity of molecules of electrons and the concentration of oxidants and reductants. In pure systems, Redox Potential measurements are used to predict the distribution of ions present between chemical species. It is an essential tool for monitoring changes in a system instead of calculating the absolute value.

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