Rectangular Survey System

Definition - What does Rectangular Survey System mean?

Rectangular Survey System is a method used to survey the real estate property for sale and settling. It was created in 1785 by the land Ordinance in the United States. Till date, it has covered various regions of the United States including Ohio and Seven Ranges. It encompasses all the major areas of southern and western states. In a survey conducted in the United States which used this method, Ohio was divided into several chief subdivisions. The entire survey proceeded with more speed rather than care.

Petropedia explains Rectangular Survey System

The Rectangular Survey System is also known as Public Land Survey System. It is one of the important ways of subdividing and describing the land in the United States. It is mainly used to divide the public domain lands that are owned by the federal government for the benefit of the citizens of the United States. According to RSS, the land is divided into 6-mile square townships. In general, RSS marks wooden stakes, posts, trees, pits or piles of rock. However, RSS surveys are supposed to confirm official procedures but some errors can be found in the surveys.

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