Definition - What does Reamer mean?

Reamer is a form of rotary cutting tool which is used in metalworking and in drilling to enlarge the size of existing holes. It provides a finish of high quality and straightness upon the completion of an operation. Typical reamers are constructed with parallel helical or straight-cutting edges besides the length of the cylindrical body. All the cutting edges are grounded with slight undercut and at a slight angle below the cutting edges. They are required to combine both toughness and hardness in order to prevent them from failing under normal forces of use and for long life.

Petropedia explains Reamer

Reamers are of different types and designed to be used as hand or machine tools in a drill press or milling tools. The following are the various types of Reamers:

  • Straight Reamers – They are used to make minor enlargements to a hole. They produce a self-centering action when they enter the hole.
  • Machine Reamers – They have a slight lead in. There are no risks of reamers wandering as they and the workpieces are pre-aligned by machines.
  • Hand Reamers – They have a long lead in or taper at their front. This compensates the difficulty of starting holes by the use of hand power alone.
  • Adjustable Hand Reamers – They can cover only a small range of sizes. They are restricted to the usage in the unbroken holes only.
  • Tapered Reamers – They are used to make tapered holes to receive tapered pins later.
  • Shell Reamers – They are designed for ream bearing and other identical items.
  • Rose Reamers – They have no relief on the periphery and are offset by front tapers to prevent binding.
  • Combination Reamers – They have two or more cutting surfaces. They are precision ground patterns which resemble the multiple internal diameters of the part.
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