Production Rig

Definition - What does Production Rig mean?

A Production Rig is a type of rig that is used on a producing wellhead platform as a pulling unit or sometimes as a workover rig so that the production from the wellhead is not be affected (i.e., the well should be in a producing state always). If any decline is administered in the production, production rigs are used to perform well repair and production enhancement work on the wellhead platform.

Petropedia explains Production Rig

In the oil and gas industry, there are certain types of rigs used for various operations, they include:

  • Drilling rigs
  • Production rigs
  • Drilling/pulling units and
  • Workover rigs

Generally, production rigs are used to perform pull out operations from wellhead as well as any workover operations. Production rigs are many a times called pulling units or workover rigs as they can perform operations performed by the two. However, the primary purpose of a production rig is to support the production operations from a wellhead once it is ready for production. If any interruption happens in the production process because of problems in the well, then the production rigs are used to repair such problems.

Drilling rigs are particularly bigger and heavy-powered rigs that are used to perform drilling operations from scratch. These rigs normally have a mast that can handle three or more drill pipe sticks whereas a production rig can only handle one or two drill pipes at a time.

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