Production Platform

Definition - What does Production Platform mean?

A Production Platform, also known as a producing platform is a massive raised podium that is developed on top of a producing well and housed with the necessary equipment and tools that are helpful to the drilling crew in the extraction of hydrocarbons from a wellbore. These platforms also contain built-in facilities which are used to store crude oil that is produced from nearby connected wells.

Petropedia explains Production Platform

A production platform can be either made on a sea or land. If it is made on sea, it is known as an offshore production platform or offshore rig while if it is built on land, it is known as an onshore production platform. The platform is usually a massive piece on top of a well or on top of various interconnected wells housing all the equipment and tools necessary to drill, repair, produce oil or gas from well. The platform makes up the drilling, production, storage and transporting units.

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