Producing Horizon

Definition - What does Producing Horizon mean?

A Producing Horizon is a distinct layer or group of layers of rocks that produces hydrocarbons in exploitable quantities. The layer always lies in a producing zone where oil and gas can be produced in large quantities. A producing zone can either be a sandstone, limestone, fractured granite or any other formation which can contains hydrocarbons that can be exploited.

Petropedia explains Producing Horizon

Producing horizons lie within the stratigraphic series of an oil province from which gas or liquid hydrocarbons can be obtained by drilling a well. These layers lie in a zone where large amounts of hydrocarbons can be extracted. Such an area or zone is known as a high exploitable zone and is a favorable location for any oil and gas exploration and production organization. A producing zone once found is capable of paying all the expenses that an oil and gas E&P organization will incur on developing such zone as well as make them earn good revenues and profits.

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