Processing Agreement

Definition - What does Processing Agreement mean?

Processing Agreement is a definite set of rules of processing a planning application. It provides information about the key processes, such as what kind of information is required, and defines the set of timescales for the delivery of the process. It is generally a projected management tool that coordinates the working of developers and stakeholders. It also assists in identifying the risks of late delivery of project plans.

Petropedia explains Processing Agreement

The primary goal of a Processing Agreement is to provide clarity to different parties involved while determining the responsibilities and establishing the timescales used for processing the application. The applications are used for planning permission and approving the matters under unique conditions. The following are some of the various uses of a Processing Agreement:

  • It provides transparency in decision making
  • It provides clear two-way communication between applicant and authority
  • It provides effective engagement of stakeholders
  • It provides predictability over timing of key stages
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