Power Wrench

Definition - What does Power Wrench mean?

Power wrench is a tool that is powered by other means than human force and is used for closing and opening the manual valves. It is mainly of two types, i.e., air ratchet wrench and impact wrench. Moreover, it is used to open the bypass valve quickly when it gets blocked by debris like plastic or shells. The product is made under complete supervision to create a safer environment for the workers thus proves to be the most reliable and custom-made solution.

Petropedia explains Power Wrench

Power Wrenches are one of the best examples of cost and time-saving tools that handle the valve operation conveniently. Being an operator friendly tool, a Power Wrench helps in avoiding sore muscles, strained back and reduces user fatigue. It is a portable device that can be used anywhere and anytime as per the needs and requirements of the user. The power wrench is ATEX certified and can be used in high unstable regions. By providing a variable speed control, it enhances the comfort level of the workers.

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