Posted Barge Submersible Rig

Definition - What does Posted Barge Submersible Rig mean?

A Posted Barge Submersible Drilling Rig is a submersible drilling rig that has a barge that floats on water. It is a nautical vessel that is mobile in nature and can be floated to a mobile location to perform offshore drilling activities. This drilling rig type is established with the help of structures similar to pontoon that descend below the sea surface.

Petropedia explains Posted Barge Submersible Rig

Drilling is an important process as it leads to the easy access of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Without carrying out the drilling process, oil and gas cannot be extracted from an oil field. To assist the drilling process, a drilling rig is setup. When offshore drilling activities are to be performed in the sea, a Submersible Drilling Rig is installed.

Being a maritime vessel, a Posted Barge Submersible Drilling Rig can be easily floated to any location in the sea and descended to the sea floor using pontoon-like structures. These structures support the rig and it rests on its anchor. The floating design as well as the availability of the pontoon-like structures provides mobility to the rig. Due to the fact that a Submersible Drilling Rig rests on the sea floor while performing offshore drilling activities, it must operate on relatively shallow water.

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