Pipe Tongs

Definition - What does Pipe Tongs mean?

Pipe Tongs are tools which are used to lift and handle heavy pipelines. These tongs are specifically designed for pipeline lifting operations and are useful when the laying of a pipeline is being carried out or when a certain section of a pipeline is being replaced. These tongs have a scissor action to exert pressure on a pipe so as to lift it up. They are generally used with cranes or any power equipment.

Petropedia explains Pipe Tongs

Pipe tongs are effective and simple solution for lifting and handling small, medium or large diameter steel pipelines without causing any damage to the material or nearby infrastructure. These tongs are easy to attach to and release from the pipeline. They can be automated or manually operated and are designed in such a way that the pipeline is placed in the trenches which have minimum working width. They are made up of an aluminum alloy material which can handle pipes with a diameter range of 4 to 48 inches. All pipe tongs must comply with the federal safety standards as well as OSHA safety orders.

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