Pipe Repair Clamp

Definition - What does Pipe Repair Clamp mean?

A Pipe Repair Clamp is a clamping instrument that holds a pipe firmly in a specific position so that the pipe can be repaired or a new branch connection can be added into the existing pipe network. The repair can be done either in the operational state or in the non-operational state of the pipeline. A wide range of pipe repair clamps are available to clamp various sizes of pipes.

Petropedia explains Pipe Repair Clamp

Pipe repair clamps feature wide tolerances and are suitable for use with a wide variety of pipe materials. The pipe repair clamps are classified as follows:

  • Stainless steel pipe repair clamps
  • Cast lug repair clamps
  • Specialty repair clamps
  • Armor series repair clamps
  • Bell joint leak clamps
Pipe repair clamps consist of one or more stainless steel band sections to which cast or fabricated lugs are securely attached. The lugs accommodate bolts and nuts when mounting the clamp on pipe. The Repair Clamps have a full encirclement, tapered, overlapping, gridded gasket with a flush mounted, bonded, stainless steel bridge plate to span the band opening between the lugs. This provides a full circumferential seal on the pipe.
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