Pipe Hanger

Definition - What does Pipe Hanger mean?

A Pipe Hanger, also known as a pipe support is a clamp or clip that is used to suspend and support various industrial pipelines in a particular position and location. Pipe hangers can be either rigid, spring action or shock absorber support structures which take up the load of pipeline as well as the fluid flowing through it.

Petropedia explains Pipe Hanger

Pipe hangers are designed in such a way that they can withstand the transfer of load from pipelines to the supporting structures. The load includes:

  • The pipe weight
  • The weight of the material flowing through the pipe
  • The weight of any external equipment fitted on the pipe
  • The weight of the pipe insulation material.

Pipe hangers help in anchoring a pipe at its position and guiding it through various channels and absorbing shocks, etc. Corrosion inhibitors and corrosion control equipment can also be fixed on the pipe support equipment for pipeline protection.

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