Pipe Fitting

Definition - What does Pipe Fitting mean?

Pipe fitting is the operation of repairing or installing tubing or piping systems which convey gas, liquid, and solid materials occasionally. It also involves selecting and preparing tubing or pipe, joining it by several means and location and repairs of leaks. Fitters work with various tubing and pipe materials such as copper, aluminum, steel, plastic and iron. Pipe fitting is not referred to as plumbing although the two are related, but have separate trades.

Petropedia explains Pipe Fitting

Pipe fitting is done by various settings such as manufacturing. HVAC, refineries, hydraulics, power plant construction, nuclear-powered Supercarriers and other steam systems. Pipe fitters are usually exposed to dangerous or hazardous materials like lead, ammonia, asbestos, resins, solvents, various refrigerants and flammable gases. Exposure to heavy lifting, weather, lacerations, crushing hazards and various other risks are included among other occupational hazards. Proper sizing for pipe fittings is essential for successful fitting selection because undersized or over-sized parts may either be incompatible or may connect or seal inadequately.

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