Coiled Tubing Completion

Definition - What does Coiled Tubing Completion mean?

Coiled tubing completion is referred to as oil well drilling, that is accomplished by using coiled tubing as the production passage for the oil well. It is also the same when coiled tubing equipment are assembled in any means to serve oil production purposes. Different kinds of coiled tubing machinery such as coiled tubing string, coiled tubing connector, etc., are used in this kind of oil well completion. When workers operate on a live oil well, pressure control equipment that is used along with the coiled tubing equipment ensures a safe well completion.

Petropedia explains Coiled Tubing Completion

In the petroleum industry, well completion, which can be conducted on oil or a gas well, makes use of different kinds of completion equipment. Coiled tubing completion of a well implies that the well has been drilled using coiled tubing machinery. Coiled tubing drilling is usually done on horizontal wells or wells that need to be drilled in a horizontal direction. When coiled tubing equipment such as service tubing reels, injectors, coiled tubing string, etc., are brought into use to accomplish horizontal well completion; it is referred to as coiled tubing completion.

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