Personnel Basket

Definition - What does Personnel Basket mean?

Personnel Basket is an offshore basket designed to promote safety and enhance confidence levels during personnel transfers. It plays a vital role in transferring the crew safely to another destination. As per the requirements, the basket can be divided into two versions that can carry either 4 or 8 people. As safety is the prior concern, the Personnel Basket undergoes NDT and load testing. However, it has suffered few accidents and thus it increases the overall risk in marine transfer operations.

Petropedia explains Personnel Basket

Transferring manpower through Personnel Baskets is becoming a common practice in the oil and gas industry. Before the basket was invented helicopters and crew boats were the common ways used to transfer the personnel. The Personnel Basket helps in offshore drilling sites to ship transfers however, seafarers must recognize the risks involved in each task. To reduce accidents, special measures are taken and guided by SMS procedures. The basket includes special instructions to fight back the unpleasant weather conditions. There is a wide range of baskets available, they include billy pugh basket, FROG or TORO basket, and safe transfer offshore personnel basket.

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