Well Liner

Definition - What does Well Liner mean?

Well Liner is a string that is hung from inside within the old casing string. The string may vary in length ranging from 51 feet to 500 feet as per the requirements. Usually, a liner is wrapped with a shaped wire thus prohibiting the entry of loose sand in the well. It is also be used in jet perforation guns as a conically shaped metallic piece to increase the penetrating power of the jet. The well Liner is the best way to communicate between the bore and the reservoir.

Petropedia explains Well Liner

A Well Liner is regarded as one of the best alternatives to save money. It can be fitted with some special components which can be connected to the surface during the hour of need. It is similar to a casing string, which is made up of separate joints of tubing. Moreover, it is a low permeability layer that controls the flow of liquid wastes of an oilfield, leachate and gases. There are a number of Well Liners which are used today; they include Oil Well Liner, Water Well Liner, and production liner. These are chosen in accordance to shapes and specifications thus they are able to suit diverse completion conditions.

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