Oilfield Terminology

Definition - What does Oilfield Terminology mean?

Oilfield Terminology is the jargon related to the oil and gas industry. It can be regarded as a complete dictionary of words and phrases that describe equipment, professions or diverse procedures carried out in the industry. It is very important for those who want to keep themselves updated with the latest terms of the upstream segment of the industry. Sometimes, it also includes slang terms that are used by workers. It provides an instant reference to the terms used to define major Oilfield activities.

Petropedia explains Oilfield Terminology

The oil and gas industry is little different from other industries. Some specific amount of words and glossaries are used to give a better understanding of their working style. Oilfield Terminology is meant for comprehensive study but merely a sample or limited information that gives you an idea about the term. These terms can be used by both the technical experts and Oilfield beginners. Citations are also added for future guidance to the users. It provides valuable details about current standards of materials being used, recommended practices and other quality assurance methods.

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