Definition - What does Glossary mean?

Glossary is a sorted list of terms of a specific domain knowledge which are arranged in an alphabetical manner and give a brief description of those terms. It is quite familiar in non-fiction books and appears at the end of the books. It differs from the dictionary as it provides the specific list of words that are related to the context of the reference material. The main purpose to have the Glossary at the end of the book is to provide knowledge about the specialized and difficult words used in terms of their study.

Petropedia explains Glossary

A Glossary contains the definitions of the concepts and words used in accordance with the reference material. A Glossary can be divided into two parts, that is, the bilingual glossary and the core glossary. The bilingual glossary defines words in two languages or words glossed with synonym in other language whereas the core glossary defines the concepts in a simple and short manner. Apart from this, at times a Glossary can also define metaphors and idioms used in the context. It plays a vital role as it helps in enhancing one’s knowledge about certain topics related to their study.

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