Oil Storage Tanks

Definition - What does Oil Storage Tanks mean?

Oil Storage Tanks are containers used to store petroleum products. The tanks are made of welded metals and are available in multiple shapes like spherical, teardrop and cylindrical. Depending on the shapes and sizes, the storage tanks differ in holding capacities. Some tanks can hold up to 100 cu m whereas others can store up to 0.9 metric tons of oil. These tanks are manufactured in accordance to the highest standards that comply with current regulations and safety standards.

Petropedia explains Oil Storage Tanks

Storage tanks are required for various purposes in the oil and gas industry such as refining, distribution, storing and production of petroleum products. Some of the commonly used storage tanks include large floating roof tanks, production tanks, bolted tanks and open roof tanks. In order to enhance the life of the tanks, it is necessary to provide support whether of steel or plastic as it makes them safe and protects them from eventual failure. However, regular inspection is also necessary as it saves money and minimizes the chances of adverse effects like fuel leaks or environmental spills.

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