Definition - What does Perforating mean?

Perforating is a method of establishing a path between a wellbore and the reservoir. The process initiates by digging a hole from the bore through the casing. Oil well Perforating is categorized in two major parts, i.e., Underbalanced Perforating and Overbalanced Perforating. Overbalanced Perforating is carried out to ensure that oil does not start flowing out immediately after Perforating while Underbalanced Perforating is carried out when the pressure in the reservoir is higher than the pressure in the wellbore.

Petropedia explains Perforating

Perforating services are carried out with utmost safety thus service providers use prominent technologies, procedures and premium tools to achieve success for critical perforating operations. The main purpose of Perforating is to create a channel between the bore and the pay zone so that gas or oil can easily flow through them. There are a plenty of guns used for perforating such as a casing gun, high shot density gun, retrievable gun and expendable gun. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of using this method is that it can damage the skin and thus hamper the productivity of the well.

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