Definition - What does Perlite mean?

Perlite is a volcanic glass that consists of a large number of tiny closed air cells on the surface. It has high water content and is amorphous in nature. One of the distinguishing properties of Perlite is that when the product is heated up to temperatures around 900 °C, it expands almost 20 times from its original volume. Apart from the expansion, the product changes its color from snowy white to grayish white. It is chemically inert.

Petropedia explains Perlite

Perlite has a unique internal structure thus it offers various properties like non-toxicity, vermin proof, permanent and sterile. It has a neutral pH. Due to its large number of benefits, it can be used in horticulture and filtration. The bulk density of the material is around 1100 kilograms per meter cube. Some uses of the product are:

  • It is mixed with soil to enhance moisture and air retention.
  • It provides fire resistant insulation.
  • It is used in lightweight plaster during construction.
  • It helps in soil compaction due to its low water retention property.
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