Perforated Pipe

Definition - What does Perforated Pipe mean?

Perforated Pipe is a pipe which has small slots through which water can flow through them. Since the pipe absorbs the water and drains it, it is a great underground drainage system. It is one of the most effective solutions during floods. The pipe is made up of variety of materials such as PVC, clay, cement, iron and polythene. During the change in season, the pipe can crack or get damaged thus should possess utmost flexibility and be light in weight.

Petropedia explains Perforated Pipe

The characteristic property of the Perforated Pipe is the slots in the pipe. The pipe through the slots absorbs all the wetness and allows the surface to remain dry. As the pipe serves variant purposes, the shape and size may vary as per the requirements. It is installed in residential areas for waterproofing and protecting yards from heavy rainfall. Moreover, due to its high benefits the agriculture sector is also using these pipes to protect their fields from flooding. The pipes are durable, highly resistant to corrosion and meet all the quality standards.

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