Percussion Drilling

Definition - What does Percussion Drilling mean?

Percussion Drilling is a method used to make a borehole deeper by raising and lowering the drill bit continuously. Often, the technique is used to drill wells or in many mineral prospecting activities. One-third of countries use this method as it is reliable and cost-effective when drilling water wells. No matter the type of soil and rock present, it is one of the conventional methods that can drill a deeper and narrower hole. The tool used for Percussion Drilling is usually wedge-shaped and sharp.

Petropedia explains Percussion Drilling

Percussion Drilling is one of the most commonly used and the best powered methods for drilling different types of soil. With this type of drilling an organization can dig a borehole up to 250 meters deep. The holes that are made by Percussion Drilling face less contamination as they are smaller in size thus easier to seal the surface and prevent backflow of the water. Some of the advantages of Percussion Drilling include:

  • It can remove boulder and harder formations.
  • It can drill into the water table.
  • It can also be used to drill both geothermal and oil wells.
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