Definition - What does Percolation mean?

Percolation is the process of filtering well fluids through porous objects. The mathematical model of Percolation is known as Percolation theory. It exhibits universality, phase transition, and renormalization. Moreover, it allows the downward movement of fluids through soil that is close to saturation or already saturated. There are various types of Percolation which include Bond Percolation, Critical Percolation and Site Percolation.

Petropedia explains Percolation

A model for disordered media is called Percolation. As from 2010, Percolation became an extensive model that has provided a new vision to understand a wide range of concepts in material science, epidemiology, complex networks and physics. There are different phases of the model that can be classified as Bernoulli Percolation, First Passage Percolation and Invasion Percolation. Percolation is one of the simplest methods which have minimum statistical dependence. Moreover, it is well endowed with significant conjectures.

Percolation helps in:

  • Epidemic spreading.
  • Surface roughening.
  • Providing robustness to random and targeted attacks.
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