Definition - What does Pentane-Plus mean?

Pentane-Plus is a mixture of unsaturated hydrocarbons. The product can be achieved by cracking petroleum fractions at high temperatures. The product then undergoes distillation process so as to separate it from pyrolysis gasoline. The compound is highly volatile and aliphatic in nature, and does not get fused in water. Pentane-Plus is used in various chemical industries; however, high vapor detonation hazards are often during manufacturing thus can halt the production.

Petropedia explains Pentane-Plus

The major elements of Pentane-Plus are iso-pentane, normal pentane, plant condensates and hexane plus. Octane rating is one of the best ways to carry out segmentation of the hydrocarbon mixture. Octane rating describes the fuel tendency to burn in a methodical manner, thus if the octane number is high the fuel will have a better quality. The following are some of the uses of Pentane-Plus:

  • It is used as an additive for natural heavy crude.
  • It has high saving potential as it yields thermal insulation properties.
  • It is used in petrol engines.
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